Teaching Modules

Flooding risk in low-lying landscapes — this module includes a graphical user interface and accompanying worksheets to help educators demonstrate the basic principles behind flooding in deltas.
Relationship between water and sediment discharge — this module is designed to predict the sediment load (mass of sediment per unit time) for given water discharge (volume per unit time) in a river. For specified channel bed slope, channel width, bed surface grain size, and channel resistance coefficient, it produces a graph showing the relation between water discharge and sediment load.
Interactive rain table model — this module allows students to explore how precipitation is routed through landscapes using a steepest descent model.

Conference Posters

Assessing the potential for sediment gravity-driven underflows at the active mouth of the Huanghe delta

The role of channel avulsion in mediating land loss on drowning river deltas

Mechanisms of sediment transport to an abandoned distributary channel on the Huanghe (Yellow River) delta, China

Modeling deltaic lobe-building cycles and avulsions of the Yellow River delta, China

Tie channels on deltas: A case study from the Huanghe (Yellow River) delta, China